Jan Coleman, as "Roxie Callahan", holds the star role in "Tumbleton Road". She portrays the white plantation owner's granddaughter and the daughter of Jefferson, who is the farm's negro overseer.  Jan, currently lives in Dothan, Alabama as a full-time mom. She attended Wallace Community College in Dothan, where she earned an AAS degree in Early Childhood Development. Jan is a model, print editor and is also an aspiring 2020 Olympic track & field hopeful.

Christopher L. Hutcherson, as "Ruben Miller", born into a strong Christian home in Geneva, Alabama. At the age of 8, his parents recognized this rare talent and encouraged him to develop writing and lyrical skills. In doing so, they engaged him in numerous church plays to cultivate his creativity. In 2014, Chris gave his life to Christ and vowed to use his skills in presenting the gospel.  In 2015, he landed his first role in "Writing Christmas Cool". Afterwards, he was introduced to the South East Alabama Community Theatre. To date, he has been enthusiastically involved in four of their productions. Chris had an extraordinary opportunity for him to be a background actor in the historical film, "Selma". 

Jack Frank, Audio Technician, and a website developer.

Kristevia Odessa Smith, as "Louisa". Born 2001, Dothan, Alabama and currently lives in Headland, Alabama. She is an Honor Student at Headland High School. Kristevia was the 2015 9th grade Homecoming Queen Attendant. She is also a Junior Varsity Cheerleader.  Interests: Singing, Dancing, and Acting.

Steve Bornhoft, as "Travis Wiggins #1", is the editor of Tallahassee magazine and director of editorial services at Rowland Publishing, Inc. in Tallahassee, Florida. A native Midwesterner, his acting credits include roles with Northland College in Ashland, Wisconsin, the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the Madison Wisconsin Children Theater. He was for 15 years the editor of The News Herald newspaper in Panama City, Florida, where he also worked for 14 years as a marketing director for two community banks. Bornhoft, an avid fisherman and runner, lives in Tallahassee with his wife, Margot and his running partner, Mako, a Springer Spaniel.

John T. Marshall, as "Andrew Logan". He is a native of Jackson County, Florida. In his teen years, dancing was his passion, but he wanted more out of life. John's outgoing personality landed him almost fifteen years in theatre, music, and poetry. His saying is, "Look out world, here I am".

Briana Zakaya Hicks, as "Thelma". Born 2001 in Birmingham, Alabama and currently lives in Headland, Alabama. She is a 9th grade Honor Student at Headland High School.  Her interests are dancing, cheerleading and acting. 

Robert L. Reich, as "Travis Wiggins #2". Currently lives in Cottonwood, Alabama. A retired U.S. Army Drill Sergeant and Instructor. He has a B.A. in Communication Arts; Oakland University attended Civic Center Acting School and Chris Jorie Scene Study for film and television. Robert has an extensive history in theatre and television. He also has skills in stand-up comedy, karate, baseball, and swimming. 

Rebecca Marshall, born Viet Nam and is currently living in Dothan, Alabama. She is the mother of two. Rebecca has a winning smile and a down home country personality, that stands out with all that knows her. She is the wardrobe assistant and set designer, as well as assistant to the Director. Rebecca, enjoys cooking and traveling.

Minnie Peoples Clark, as "Lucille". Dothan, Alabama is her hometown, where she graduated from Dothan High School. Cooking and Cameras is her specialty. Minnie is known around town as a great cake maker and being self-taught, she has a natural eye for photography.  










Evangelist Mella Grimsely Miles, as "Grandma Bertha", born in Gordon, Alabama and currently a resident of Palmdale, California, with husband Freddie B. Miles. She graduated from the historical Ashford Colored High School, Ashford, Alabama and attended Alabama A & M College in Normal, Alabama.  Mella, is the author of "Through My Grandpapa" and a Missionary. Her mission works were not just in Dothan, Alabama and Newnan, Georgia where she lived. She traveled to Africa, Western, and American Samoa, teaching and spreading the word of God. Mella is an active church member of Twin Lakes Community Church in Lake Los Angeles, California, where she officiates prayer meetings and the prayer team.  She enjoys traveling, helping others, visiting nursing homes and her in-home bible study.  Mella has supported this project since its beginning, with her spiritual guidance, as well as her moral support.

Chasity Imani Cooper, as "Lizzie", born in Dothan, Alabama. She was an Honor graduate of Northview High School. There Chasity was a Majorette, school Ambassador, Secretary of Hosa, member of the National Honor Society and a Black History nominee 2014-2016 Debutante Queen. She is currently enrolled at Auburn University in Montgomery, Alabama, majoring in Nursing.





Robert Ray Walker Jr. was born in the summer of 1978. After graduating from high school, Robert obtained his Bachelor's Degree in Health Services Administration. Robert always had a passion for working in the film industry. As one of the Producers of the Film Tumbleton Road, Robert has spent numerous hours editing scripts, providing suggestions on scenes, and assisted with sponsorship.

Tyzavien T. Lindsey, as "Sammy", born Ozark, Alabama. He is currently living in Dothan, Alabama and is a 7th grade student at Honeysuckle Middle School in Dothan. Tyzavien plays the saxaphone in the school band and has a love for history, politics, science and basketball. He has a special place in his heart for animals.











Caziah Iyana Cooper, as "Pearlie", born in Dothan, Alabama. She is currently an 8th grade student at Carver Magnate School. Caziah enjoys singing, acting and volunteering with special needs children.

Che'valier K. Paul, as "Jefferson Brown", born in Jacksonville, Florida. In 1980, he moved to Dothan, Alabama and graduated from Northview High School. There he was a member of the marching band in the percussion section. During his childhood, he had an interest in drama and camera.  In 2015, he studied camera techniques and film production at Clayton State University in Morrow, Georgia.  Che'valier was associate producer of  "Born and Raised" and executive producer for "Wild Blue".

Trayson Marshall, Jr. as "Dennis", born Dothan, Alabama and a 7th-grade student at Honeysuckle Middle School. His interests are, football and basketball and his goal is to become a professional athlete with one of those sports.

Jesse Frank, from Headland, Alabama, is a senior at One Accord Christian School. His interest in film began in 2007 when his parents started a wedding videography business. By participating in the family business, Jesse learned the art of filming, editing, and using a variety of filming equipment. Now, he writes and films his own short movies. Not only does Jesse enjoy film, but is an avid violinist.

Lynette Walker Holmes, Assistant Director, is also involved in writing and acting in Tumbleton Road.  Mrs. Holmes portrays the character of "Jane".  She is a retired Resource Management Assistant and is now a medical office clerk. She is a native Floridian.

Sheri Cakir, a native Floridian. She is the associate producer, has served as research assistant to Faye Walker Howell and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in History.  Together she and Ms. Howell transcribed African-American cemetery headstones in Bay County, Florida, for the Tombstone Project in association with GenWeb along with other various projects over the course of a decade. In addition, she portrays the character of "Jennie" in Tumbleton Road. Although Ms. Cakir is an avid history buff, she has a passion and a gift for working with small children. For the past eighteen years, she has been employed with Early Education and Care, lnc. as a Head Start Teacher.

Tiffany Jordan, born in Houston County, Dothan, Alabama, to Unita and Eddie Jordan. She attended Geneva County Elementary and High School and then on to Alabama State University. She has been in the background of several movies and plays in and around the Montgomery, Alabama area. She loves being in the backstage arena, making magic happen. Tiffany is also an upcoming writer.

Gabrielle Caffie, as "Belle" born in Dothan, Alabama. At an early stage of her life, she has been drawn to perform in front of an audience. Whether it was a school play or singing in front of people anywhere, she wanted to entertain. Her family members always told her "girl, you watch too much television". But, little did they know, Gabrielle visualized herself as being one of those television characters. She knew one day, she would see herself on the big screen. Her saying to you is, "I'm a legend in the making".


Kimberly N. McCree, as "Ida", born in Dothan, Alabama. She is a 2013 graduate of Northview High School, where she was a member of the ROTC program. Kimberly has been a contestant in numerous pageants from 2006-2015, in and around the Wiregrass area. She enjoys singing, dancing, playing drums and going to church.

Lori Elaine Drummond, as "Sue Ann Littleton", born in Biloxi, Mississippi. She was a graduate of Yuma High School in Yuma, Arizona, where she started her love for acting in her Drama class there. She also played numerous roles at her church and enjoys being a part of this docudrama. Lori is currently a resident of Panama City, Florida. 

Larhonda Williams is a native of Cottondale, Florida, and mother of two daughters. She is currently an SR NSO at Farley Nuclear Plant for 15 years. Recently played in the stage play " Church Lady", as Sister Cox. Larhonda, loves spending quality time with her two daughters and shopping. Larhonda, plays the role of Josephine, the community Midwife & Sharecropper on the Callahan Farm, in Tumbleton Road. 

Caitlin Borders age 9, the daughter of Larhonda Williams. She is a 4th-grade student at Westgate Christian school, in Dothan, Alabama. Caitlin played a role in the stage play,  "Church Lady " as Jasmine. She has a passion for baking and modeling.

Edward Alonzo Russell, a native of Alabama, with an extensive acting career. He has played several stage plays, with lead roles as "Jitney", with the Westside Theatre, Sam Cooke at the Copacabana, with Southern Broadway, Legends, A Tribute To Sam Cooke, with Alonzo Productions and 45 Seconds From Broadway, with Beverly Theatre Guild. Edward Alonzo Russell started pursuing an acting career in 2001 while living in New York City. He received training with the Negro Ensemble Theater Company in New York.  Since then he has appeared on stage in several musical productions, such as Man of La Mancha, Grandmas Hands and Soultry Singing Men of Soul, honoring artist of the past.  Edward plays dual roles in Tumbleton Road. He portrays the farm manager, as Jefferson Brown and his father, John Brown, an emancipated Slave.

David Crozier, a native of Americus, Georgia. He is an American musician, author, photographer, painter, and actor. David's acting career is best known for the persona of Mirrormask, a video game player who hosted MirrormaskTV on Youtube and Twitch TV. The music career of David as the singer of the band, Bending Spoon gained him a very small international fanbase. David Crozier also holds several awards for his photography. He plays the leader of the "Mob", in Tumbleton Road.

Sameka Jo’ Parks, was born in Germany while her family was stationed there for military duties.  Growing up she dreamed of becoming many things, but they all had a common trait to impact those around her and beyond.  She started singing and acting at a young age.  While in high school, musical theater stole her heart.  Sameka has since earned a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Exercise Physiology and a Master’s in Sport and Fitness Management.  She is a praise and worship leader at Life Changers Christian Church in Enterprise, Alabama. Sameka's role in Tumbleton Road, as Holy Hattie, the Negro Quarters, Bible-toting, holy spirited and songster.              

Mackenzi Sanitra Parks was born in Montgomery, AL in 2002.  She is the daughter of, Sameka Parks, who portrays "Holy Hattie" in the film. She loves to express her creativity through the arts, dancing, singing and designing with custom jewelry and clothing.  She has maintained academic excellence while participating in various extra-curricular activities from dance to community service.  She will be attending Enterprise High School this fall of 2017.  She hopes to be an actress and to work for NASA when she grows up. Mackenzi plays the role of Jennie, a sharecroppers daughter and best friend to Roxie, the leading star, in Tumbleton Road.

Laneeka Graves is hoping to become an inspiring upcoming actress, since high school. She is a 2001 graduate of Cottonwood High School, where she studied Drama, Film, and Journalism from the ninth grade through her senior year. She played roles in Easter and Christmas plays at her church during youth days.  Laneeka, received her degree in Business Management and Accounting at Wallace Community College, in Dothan Alabama and continued her education at Southeast Community College, in Lincoln Nebraska.


She is a now a resident of Dothan, Alabama, where she loves to spend time with her husband, family, and friends. She loves to cook, bake/decorate cakes, shop, and travel the world. She has a lot more goals that she is working very hard to accomplish in life. Laneeka plays the role of Lula, the mother of  Wesley Johnson (Horace Freeman), in Tumbleton Road. 

Amber Uriel, a native of Dothan, Alabama. She is a full-time employee at sheet metal company, where she is a Machine Programmer. Amber is an aspiring actress and has done plays with SEACT, a local theater in Dothan. Her most recent stage play role was, Ann Deever in "All My Sons", in April of 2016. She has also done some background extra work on film and television shows, in Atlanta, Georgia. Amber portrays Sally Callahan in Tumbleton Road.

Narcissus Danzey, a native of Dothan, Alabama. An aspiring actress that has played several roles in stage plays. Her latest acting accomplishment was playing the main character, Harriet Tubman. She also played a role as a flapper girl, in a 1920's series, as well as a featured countess in a Masquerade play. Her passion lies in public speaking on a daily basis surrounded by my current employment. Narcissus, portrays, Martha Brown, an emancipated slave, in Tumbleton Road. 

Mackenzie Leger, as "Caroline Littleton", in Tumbleton Road. Born in 2003, Mackenzie is an honor student at Enterprise High School, where she is a member of the Drama Club and Cats for Christ. She is also very involved with the LifeTeen youth group at St. John's Catholic Church. She is an avid reader, and spends her weeknights dancing at Patti Rutland Jazz Dance Center in Dothan, Alabama. Her other interests include singing, writing, modeling, and spending time with friends.

Rachel "Morgan" Hall, is an 11 year old blue eyed, sandy blonde from a small town in South Alabama. Morgan loves to read, write stories, dance and act. She has loved acting at a much younger age and has appeared in a few SEACT theater shows, in Dothan, Alabama. Morgan, took dance classes for a period for 5 years and with her sassy attitude and fierce love of people, she will go far in the entertainment circuit. She portrays young Sally, the daughter of Sarah Callahan, the farm owner in Tumbleton Road.

Jaia Reynolds is a native of Dothan, Alabama. She has been active in the theater, with roles as a jilted bride, in "These Broken Pieces", an extra for a television show and "Star" in 2016.  She also has a modeling career and has been a runway model for B'Unique Productions and Platos Clothing Store. Jaia has also modeled for Extreme Talent Booking Agency and Photography for Thomas Colvin Studios. Her role in Tumbleton Road is the 18-year-old leading star, Roxie Callahan. Jaia also enjoys reading, movies, learning her script, making funny videos and singing.

Anthony Corley is an American YouTuber, musician, and actor. He is known in the Southern Fight League as "Fighter" and in YouTube's gaming world as a gamer/vlogger. He was the lead singer of the former rock band, Frenemy. Anthony plays a mobster role in, Tumbleton Road.   

Isaac Levi Phillips, "Levi", was born in Pensacola, Florida on January 29, 2001. As a 6'1" tall teenager, he is funloving with a lot of hopes and dreams for his future. He has a love for animals, enjoys playing the guitar, singing and currently learning to play the piano. He also enjoys playing video games and listening to music as a pass time. Levi has been acting on and off since he was 10 years old. He plays the role of "Young Tom" in Tumbleton Road, where he brings his well-mannered attitude. Everywhere he goes, he brings a ray of positiveness with him and that will take him far in life. 

Jameka Shanice Oates, age  25, born and raised in Abbeville, Alabama, and currently a resident of Dothan, Alabama. The mother of a 7-year-old daughter, Ja'Zyriah Shanell Oates. She is a 4-year member of Patti Rutland Jazz Company in Dothan, Alabama and currently teaches hip-hop there. Jameka is an employee at Southeast Alabama Medical Center Child Development Center.  She has been a member for 13 years at Northview Christian Church in Dothan, Alabama, where she is a team leader for the Theatre and Dance Ministry for the past 11 years. Jameka has choreographed for Be U: Beautifully Unique, coached the Onyx Stars Dance Center, PRJ Beyond Dance at Selma Street Elementary School, Cloverdale Elementary School, and Vaughn Blumberg Center all in Dothan, Alabama. She has performed for SEACT (Southeast Alabama Community Theatre), in 2016, the "Hairspray" production and currently has several acting roles in the upcoming production, Big Fish. In 2017, she landed the role in Tumbleton Road, as Emma Jean, the aunt of Wesley "Wes" Johnson. She is excited about her passion as an actress and has high hopes for her future with the Arts.  

Ja'Zyriah Shanell Oates is the 7-year-old daughter of Jameka Oates and Curtis Engram. She is resident of Dothan, Alabama and is a first grader at Selma Street Elementary school where she is an A-B Student. Since she was 3 years old, Ja'Zyriah has been training in the following: ballet, jazz, tap, hip-hop, acrobat, and contemporary at Patti Rutland Jazz Center in Dothan, Alabama. She attends Northview Christian Church and is a member of the youth choir. Her hobbies include singing, swimming, skating, and having fun with friends and family. She is excited to be apart of her first movie, Tumbleton Road, as Lizzie, the 8-year-old daughter of Roxie.  

Nancy is married and has 2 children. Her husband, Russell, is the Program Director at The JOYFM, 94.3. Her two boys, Caleb, 27 and Josiah, 25, are a constant joy in her life.  Nancy began her theatre career in high school, put it down for a while to get married and have kids; she picked it back up for her church 20+ years ago. She branched out and joined Southeast Alabama Community Theatre in 2007.  Since 2007, when she agreed to be stage manager for Annie Get Your Gun, Nancy Brooks has shared her considerable talents in the wings and on the stage for numerous SEACT productions. Known as "The Queen" for her high expectations and sense of drama, Brooks doesn't demand anything from others that she isn't willing to sacrifice or work for herself. Since then she has been involved non-stop. She has produced, directed, and managed the stage, costumes, hair, and make-up.  Nancy also does voice-over work for radio and television commercials. She was the Unit Production Manager for the movie “Writing Christmas Cool”. Her latest “on stage” role was “Omaha” in Second Samuel. She also played “Truvy” in Steel Magnolias. Nancy landed the role as Sarah Callahan in Tumbleton Road.


Tiffany Smith is an aspiring dancer, actor, and model from Dothan, Alabama.  Tiffany first started her modeling career in New York City at the age of 6. Although life moved her back to Alabama, Tiffany's desire for modeling and acting never stopped. She continued to model until she finally got her opportunity to act in Tumbelton Road where she plays Ophelia .  Get familiar with the name Tiffany Smith because this is only the beginning.

dap new headshot.jpg

 Larry "DJ Dap" Dunlap, Jr, producer, is the program director for the #1 station in Tallahassee, Florida North Florida & South Georgia area & the evening drive on-air personality from 3p-7p on WWLD’s Blazin 1023. In high school, Dj Dap started a rap group named N-Moshun. He performed as a rapper & dancer where he choreographed many of the group’s moves & performances. Later after high school in college as a solo rapper, he recorded several songs. 

Two of those songs made it onto the 1993 Mo Bass Compilation with local record label Mega Ace.  Dap also recorded the song “Ooh I Like That” with Florida producer & rapper Total Kaos which ended up being in the CBS movie & now Lifetime’s “Sharing The Secret”. Dj Dap & 2 of his radio co-workers & partners produced a one-hour weekly local video show in 2004 called Jam TV that aired for a year before he started doing radio full time. Which brings us to now with Dj Dap helping his mother, Faye Howell, with producing her book turned to play into an actual film called Tumbleton Road. 


Cathryn Waller is an Atlanta based actress. She has a background in stage acting and independent film. Cathryn also has history in crew work on various sets. 

AS2-Christian Webb-Headshots.jpg

Adrienne Smith is a native of Slocomb, Alabama who holds a bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice. Her work include: "The Miracle Worker"; "Marooned on Madagascar"; "An Evening at the Copacabana"; "For Colored Girls"; the feature film "Army of One" and numerous commercials.